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by Njord

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Optional module dimension
Optional module dimensions up to module height 25 and module width 10 are included.

Any NCS color
For painted doors and frames, any NCS color is always included. As standard, we always paint with gloss level 15, which is slightly duller than the industry standard.

Custom drilling
Choose whether the door should be milled for both the handle and the key fob or only for the handle. Customization for handle with mini rosette is also included.

It is possible to choose the finish of the lock housing and end plate - either stainless, black or white. When choosing door frame k02 or k03, it is also possible to choose the finish of the hidden hinges - either stainless, black or white.

We offer four different types of thresholds - wet room threshold, threshold plate, impact threshold or mechanical threshold. You can find these thresholds here .


In our shop you will find all the necessary accessories such as door handles, toilet knobs, door stops, bowl handles, etc. We only work with selected suppliers who maintain high quality.

Fire tested EI30
The majority of our door models can be obtained in a fire-tested version (EI30) together with door frame k02.

Sliding door accessories
Soft-close: SEK 2,000
Soft-close + Push-to-open: SEK 2,375

Add the products you are interested in and submit an inquiry and we will contact you as soon as we can. It is also possible to contact us via chat, email or telephone.

A massive internal door with embedded glass. Choose between a 70 mm or 100 mm thick frame.

Product information

A solid interior door made with a curved frame construction in mdf and tempered glass. The glass is mounted in a milled groove, which means that there is no need for a visible glass strip.

Optional module dimensions up to module height 25 and module width 10 are included. The module dimension indicates the size of the hole in the wall where the frame is to be mounted. For module dimensions 9x23, for example, the hole in the wall must be made 900x2300 mm. This matrix contains all the necessary measurements: Module measurements & dimensions .

The doors are made to order and the delivery time is approximately 8 weeks. The frames can usually be partially delivered earlier if necessary.
The doors are sent lying on a pallet and delivered to the property boundary. We recommend that two people carry the doors in. The shipment is sent with DHL and you will have the opportunity to book your delivery on a convenient day.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or chat. You can also find answers to many frequently asked questions here .