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Common Questions


In Sweden, we have different standard dimensions for interior doors and these are often referred to as "module dimensions". We offer our doors in all these standard dimensions, from module 7x20 to 10x25. Should you be interested in other dimensions, it is fine to contact us and we will help you.

A module measurement indicates the hole in the wall in which the frame is to be mounted. If the hole is, for example, 900x2100 mm (wxh), then the module measurement is 9x21. In order for there to be room to adjust the frame, it is manufactured with an outer dimension that is slightly smaller than the exact module dimension. With module dimensions 9x21, the door leaf is 825x2040 mm. Regardless of which door model you choose, we recommend that you leave approx. 12 mm adjustment margin around the side and top of the frame.

Yes, we can supply both sliding doors and swing doors that go to ceiling height. As this usually involves custom measurements, we ask you to contact us for further assistance with this.

The mounting differs depending on which frame you choose. You always receive installation instructions from us in connection with your purchase. Please note that the frame must be installed before the plaster if you have purchased door frame k02 or k03.

The mounting of the handles differs depending on the handle supplier you have chosen. It always comes with a complete assembly kit and assembly instructions when you buy handles from us. Feel free to ask us if you are unsure about the installation.

For quality reasons, we have chosen to equip our doors with a magnetic lock housing. The lock housing fits with handles that follow the European standard (DIN) and therefore not all Swedish handles fit this.
All the handles and knobs on our website work and of course there are many other suppliers to choose from. If you want a handle from another supplier, please consult us so we can confirm it works.

Our concealed frame, k03, is designed for concealed installation in a wall consisting of 70mm stud, 11mm OSB and 13mm plaster but can be adapted to other wall constructions on request. The frame is hidden by filling and painting in connection with the frame. Complete installation instructions will be sent with your purchase.

For our frames, you must use 14 mm adjufix (adjustable sleeve).

Color & design

Any NCS color is included at no extra cost. As inspiration, we have developed a couple of options to choose from (see below).

Pure White (PW) – NCS S 0500-N
Standard White (WH) – NCS S 0502-Y
Sand (SA) – NCS S 2005-Y30R
Light Gray (LG) – NCS S 1500-N
Gray (GY) – NCS S 3000-N
Mint (MI) – NCS S 2005-G20Y
Green (GR)- NCS S 7005-G20Y
Rusty Red (RE) – NCS S 5020-Y50R
Olive Green (OG) – NCS 5105-B81G
Beige (BE) - NCS 1704-Y19R
Khaki (KH) – NCS S5010-G70Y
Black (BL) – NCS S 8500-N
Ice Gray (MG) – NCS 4802-B15G
Blue (DB) – NCS S7010-R90B
Brown (BR) – NCS 5706-Y10R
Yellow (YE) – NCS 2815-Y03R
Orange (OR) – NCS S4030-Y20R

Yes, it is fine to order color samples. Send an email to and we will help you.

In the standard version, we paint our doors with gloss level 15. The gloss value of our doors is lower than the prevailing industry standard as we believe that a lower gloss contributes to the door getting a more exclusive finish. If you have a preference for the degree of gloss, you can specify this when ordering.

Yes, we can also deliver doors in solid pine or veneer. Please contact us regarding this and we will tell you more.

Yes, we also manufacture doors with recessed glass. Please contact us regarding this and we will tell you more.

You choose whether you want the door to be milled for both the handle and the key fob/toilet knob or just for the handle. We tailor to your wishes and this costs nothing extra.

Yes, the lock housing is available in black, stainless steel, white or brass. This costs nothing extra.

Yes, for door frame k02 or k03 it is possible to get the hinges in black, stainless or white. This costs nothing extra.

Even if you order the door in the same NCS color and gloss that the wall is painted in, you will probably experience a certain difference. How the color is perceived depends, among other things, on the fact that the door and the wall are different substrates and because different methods are used when painting. When we produce the doors, we spray paint the doors, but the walls in a home are usually rolled. To imitate the wall as much as possible, we recommend that the doors be painted in place.

Yes, both our frames and doors can be delivered prime-painted or completely untreated if you want to paint yourself.


All our doors are made at the carpentry shop in Bjärnum. Here you can read more about how the manufacturing takes place.

Our doors are completely solid with a core of laminated wood and surface in HDF. A solid interior door has many advantages – for example, you get a door with a sound dampening ability and a long service life.

The environmental issue is important to us and that is why we have chosen to put all our production in Sweden. We place high demands on our subcontractors regarding the material used and all the wood we use in manufacturing is FSC-labeled, which means we can be sure that it comes from sustainable forestry.

Our doors are massive and therefore shut out the sound very well.
All our frames are also equipped with a sealing strip, which also contributes to a sound dampening ability.
Keep in mind that you can also choose a threshold to reduce the sound even further.


Yes, all our door leaves can be delivered as a sliding door. We have solutions for both recessed pocket frames and sliding door rails. The sliding door rail can be obtained both as ceiling or wall mounted. Feel free to consult us and we will help you with the right solution.

Painted interior doors normally only require general cleaning with a damp cloth and mild detergent/soap. In the event of paint damage, these should be repaired immediately. Care instructions for your door and any handle are included on delivery.

Normally there is no problem. If you have water directly adjacent to the door or if the door is exposed to high vapor pressure, you should instead choose a wet room door that is equipped to withstand moisture. Contact us in such cases.

When buying our hidden frame, k03, it needs to be specified whether the door is inward or outward opening. You can find what this means in our guide here.

You can find what is meant by the opening and hanging of the door in our guide here.

No, you don't have to. The main function of the threshold is to overlap between floors and/or contribute to sound insulation between rooms, but it is common not to use any threshold at all or to only choose a wet room threshold for the bathrooms. There is a gap of 15 mm between the floor and the door leaf so that you can use a threshold if you want it.

Yes, if you buy frames from us and want thresholds, you need to buy these from us because our thresholds are made after our frames. We have three different variants – threshold plate, inner door threshold or wet room threshold. Our thresholds are made of solid oak and can be delivered untreated, clear lacquered or lasered.

Purchase & terms

Our products are made to order and we normally have a delivery time of 6-8 weeks. However, the delivery time can vary depending on which products it applies to, and therefore the delivery time is always confirmed on your order acknowledgement. Please contact us before your purchase if you have questions about the delivery time for a specific product.

Payment is divided into two parts, 50% is paid within 10 days after receiving order confirmation and the remaining 50% of the payment is debited in connection with the delivery.

Doors and frames are delivered with DHL and you will have the opportunity to book your delivery on a day that suits you. The consignment is sent on a pallet and delivered to the ground floor or plot boundary. We recommend that two people help to carry the doors in.

We provide a three-year warranty on all our products. The warranty covers function, fittings and painting.
However, there is no right of withdrawal when the door is made to order. Therefore, be careful to order the right size of the door and ask us if you are unsure.

If, against the odds, you should have a problem with your door that is due to a manufacturing defect, you must file a complaint and we will contact you.

For accessories such as door handle, you have the right to cancel your purchase within 14 days of receiving the item. The product must then be packed in the original packaging, in the same good condition as when you received it - unassembled and unused. When buying doors, the right of withdrawal does not apply because the door is specially made for you. When you use the right of cancellation, you as the customer are responsible for the return shipping.