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Design meets function

FSB, a global brand with its roots in the eastern forests of Westphalia, is known worldwide for its high-quality system solutions for doors and windows. With over 135 years of experience, FSB has developed an expertise that extends beyond premium door handles to encompass the needs of modern community and commercial construction.

Door handles are seen as architecture "in miniature" and reflect the designer's view of design in both form and function. Decisions about the choice of door handles should always be made with consideration of the surrounding architecture. Either the handle blends harmoniously into the whole or it deliberately creates a point of contrast.

FSB offers a wide range of very popular rosette-free plug-in handles that provide a minimalistic and elegant aesthetic to all types of interior design. With different finish options and shapes, FSB's rosette-free handles are perfect for both modern and classic interiors and give a sophisticated and timeless expression.

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