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Formani has undergone an impressive evolution over the past decades, from a Dutch family business to a well-known international design brand. Originally specializing in door handles, the company has now expanded its product portfolio to include door, window and furniture fittings, making them a one-stop supplier of interior fittings.

Initially, Formani was responsible for internally developing and designing all of its products. Over time, they have expanded their creative horizon through collaborations with several prominent and internationally known designers. Their range now includes pieces created by innovative names such as David Rockwell, Bertram Beerbaum, Tord Boontje, Lázaro Rosa-Violán and Edward van Vliet. The wide range of design options and price levels make Formani an ideal partner for anyone looking for style and functionality in interior design details. This combination of experience, creativity and versatility has played a crucial role in making Formani the prominent and versatile brand it is today."

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