Emmy Nordmark, together with her partner Mattias Bergqvist and their son Bosse, has built an architect-designed split-level house on a rare lakeside plot in Boden, Norrbotten. Emmy, who is a professional handball player and entrepreneur, has a great passion for interior design. After spending many hours building houses in The Sims during her youth, the dream of the perfect home finally became a reality.

"We wanted to incorporate rounded corners and arches to create a soft feeling against our polished concrete floor. I spent several hundred hours at home in the evenings after handball training and when Bosse was asleep, drawing and planning down to the smallest detail."

Emmy's grandfather took care of everything beneath the gravel bed, and the house itself was built by the company Norrläge. The journey of building the house presented a number of challenges, with the groundwork turning out to be much more extensive than they initially thought. Over 40 truckloads of stones were used to fill the ground. Emmy advises anyone considering building their own home to "plan everything carefully before starting and avoid making too many changes during the process."

"When I saw Njord's doors, I knew they would be perfect for our home. They are minimalist and discreet, yet incredibly elegant."

Inside the house, the goal was to create a minimalist yet cozy atmosphere. Emmy chose earthy colors and consistent materials throughout the house to create a cohesive style. The same stone is used in the kitchen and bathrooms, oak in the kitchen and upstairs, and limestone on the floors in the entrance and both bathrooms. Another important detail is the doors with hidden frames from Njord, which Emmy fell in love with after seeing them on Instagram. And the doors in the house are something that Emmy has really focused on. "I wanted doors that blend in with the rest of the interior," explains Emmy, "and when I saw Njord's doors, I knew they would be perfect for our home. They are minimalist and discreet, yet incredibly elegant." Emmy chose doors that are taller than standard in a beautiful, warm gray tone - the same NCS color as the walls - which harmonizes perfectly with the earthy colors in the rest of the house. Now, when she looks at the doors, she can't help but smile. "They are heavy, feel solid, have good sound insulation, and are just as beautiful as I had hoped. I am so happy that we chose them."

Their dream house has not only given them a place to call home but also a place that truly feels like their own. "Both Mattias and I had a dream of finding the perfect plot of land to then build our dream house. Lakeside plots don't grow on trees in little Boden, and stumbling upon this one was just fate."

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Home: Emmy Nordmark | @emmynordmark
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